The Comfort Elite Rapport Pony Dressage Saddle
Comfort Elite Rapport Pony Mono flap Saddle by Saddle Rxchange Saddling SolutionsOur Dressage Saddles are now available with Lizardskin Panels by special order. Shown here on a Rapport.As a small adult the Rapport Pony, Native Pony Fit, fits both Monty Roberts Approved Trainer, Maj-Britt Carter and her Icelandic Horse Very well.

Pony Mono Flap Dressage Saddle

£1,995.00 (Inc. VAT)

The Comfort Elite Pony Mono Flap Dressage Saddles are perfectly scaled down version of our Rapport and Cadence Dressage Saddles with a pony tree and smaller riders in mind, we also do a specialist version for Icelandic Horses . … please scroll down for full description…


The following options are available at an additional cost:

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Product Description

Comfort Elite Rapport Pony Mono flap Saddle by Saddle Rxchange Saddling Solutions

Comfort Elite Rapport Pony Mono flap Saddle by Saddle Rxchange Saddling Solutions

The Comfort Elite,Pony Mono Flap Dressage Saddles are a perfectly scaled down version of our Rapport And Cadence Dressage Saddle with a pony tree and smaller riders in mind kostenlos solitär downloaden. Providing the Child or small Adult with a secure, comfortable, medium deep seat with a medium external knee block. We also make a specialist version designed for the Icelandic horse herunterladen.

We have made the saddle in a combination of soft, flexible leather giving you that soft,worn in feeling from new and is also available with doeskin seat and/or knee block for extra security amazon music cannot beed. A very secure seat, with that close contact ” bareback with stirrups” feel available with our full size Mono-Flaps perfect for sports Ponies, Native Ponies or Icelandic horses.The single flap giving a close contact feel unsurpassed in a traditional saddle making subtle communication between yourself and your horse possible, even on the widest pony for our smallest customers herunterladen.

Made with traditional flocked panels on our well known Pony Trees with a choice of panels with large load bearing surfaces and  a generous gullet, the Pony Monoflaps are suitable for both wide flat Natives and those Sports Ponies who look like “little Horses” cordula green.

The saddles are available in black or other colours by special custom order . Seat sizes are 13, 14, 15,16 & 16.5.

Rapport Options, Sports Horse, Native and Pony

Rapport Options, Sports Horse, Native and Pony

They come with our standard four girthing straps for choice.We have also now added an option of a Lizardskin panel and Italian Calf Leather for that extra bit of glamour and the option of an adjustable thigh roll for extra support if required gratis spiele herunterladen handy.

As our saddles are designed and fit differently from other brands of saddle, when you contact us for a saddle fit we will assess your horse or pony and suggest which are the best options for you to try, please see our information pages for more details, Placing an Order or Booking a Saddle Fit  download the control program elster.

As with all saddles available from us a custom saddle can be designed for the individual customer if required with a number of options including custom knee blocks, twist, flap length or suede or doeskin seat or knee rolls so we really can produce the perfect saddle for you, we however recommend that you ride in a standard saddle for the 7 day trial before ordering so we can be sure the correct saddle is made as custom saddles are non returnable.

Additional Information


14″ (Special Order), 15″, 16″


Black, Mid Brown, Rich Dark Brown

Leather Options

Full Leather ( Supplied at Standard Option), Part Suede ( Supplied as Standard Option)


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