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Your Saddle Fitting | Comfort Equine

Your Saddle Fitting

Choosing the right saddle for you & your horse film youtube.

saddle fitting pictures

Before we see you we will need the following photos, This allows us to come with saddles suitable for yourself & the horse,if you can be in the picture yourself that is even better.

If you are interested in trying our saddles with a view to buy have a look at the website and see which saddles you like  and think will suit your purpose bison app herunterladen.

Please also call or e-mail for furthur information as the more information we have about what you need in advance will ensure we have the right products on the day galaxy watch apps.

Photo’s of your horse’s back and one including yourself with your horse will also be helpful and if you have a saddle a photo of your horse wearing his/her current saddle ( from both sides) and details of any problems you are experiencing see Placing an Order and Booking a Saddle fit excel 2013 schulungsunterlagen kostenlos downloaden.

Once we have an idea of what you are looking for, details of yourself and your horse we can decide between us which saddles we will bring for you to try at your saddle fitting clue kostenlos herunterladen.

We have found over the years that horses and ponies are quite straight forward for us to fit once we have the information we need and can choose the correct tree and panel samsung tastatur sprachen herunterladen.

We are highly experienced, fitting on average of 5 to 7 horses and ponies a day, quite often 7 days a week, all over the world herunterladen. Because of this volume of fits, we find we have seen most fitting challenges and fitted most breeds, however like everything horsey we are occasionally surprised but can draw on our experience to enable us to fit both horse and rider word for mac for free.

The riders we have found vary hugely, as riders we all have aches and pains and often previous injuries, we are all different shapes and sizes and ride in different ways apps schneller herunterladen.

Because of this we like everyone to have a trial period on their new saddle, at the saddle fit you will have the opportunity to try the saddles you asked us to bring, limited only by the patience of your horse galaxy skin.

Saddle FittingOn the day of your fitting we will fill in paperwork for our records and will have the selection of the saddles you have chosen with us, you can try them and should you decide to buy one we would take payment for the saddle plus call out fee. All our saddles have a trial period, 4 weeks for ReactorPanel and 14 days for Comfort and Native Pony so you will have plenty of time to make sure you have made the right choice .  Trials and Customisation for more information.

Should you wish to return or exchange your saddle during this time you would be given a refund less a handling charge related to bank charges depending on the form of payment . All our saddles also come with a 1 year guarantee on both the tree and leatherwork, please see our terms and conditions for more information.

We recommend a saddle check within the first 3 months especially in cases of remedial fits as we have found that horses and ponies will regenerate muscle very quickly when fitted correctly and given the right exercise, because of this we give a free adjustment/re-flock during this time subject to the agents call out fee.

Please feel free to contact us for your annual saddle check, Check our diaries for when we are going to be in your area, we cover most parts of the UK at least once a month and Europe at least every 3 months but may have an agent in your area who can see you sooner, please only use agents who’s details are shown on our websites as that will ensure you get the best possible fitting and value for money . 

We are of course always available for advice via telephone or e-mail as quite often I can make suggestions which may make a call out un-necessary.

Here’s a video with Mathew Lawrence showing us a saddle fit…..

3 comments on “Your Saddle Fitting
  1. Lynsey says:

    I’ve recently bought a second hand comfort saddle. It’s not quite fitting my horse. Could I arrange someone to come and see it? Hoping it can be adjusted to fit? Many thanks lynsey
    Based in Edinburgh

  2. Julie Beer says:

    I would like to book a saddle fitting please
    For a 5year old 15.3 connemara gelding, he has been hard to fit by a normal saddle fitter and the only saddle that dos fit was the new Albion k2 GP 17″ wide adjusti saddles but I felt to high up over him!
    He is a difficult fit being wide with no withers and and broad shoulders, photos really are deceiving with him Intill you see him in person! He needs a wider gullet open front arch, adjustable!
    I just want what’s best suited to him and what fits him correctly so he’s comfortable! I have a budget of £1000 but can Mabie push to £1200 or so, is this in my price range? And how much for a custom made gp ? But hoping you have something that already fits without going down that route!
    I’m 5’7 9-10 stone!

  3. Julie Beer says:

    Forgot to say I’m in Failand, Bristol
    Bs8 3us

    Ugh is call out fee?


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