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Accredited Saddle Fitters & Retail Partners | Comfort Equine

Accredited Saddle Fitters & Retail Partners

We are proud to introduce our highly trained team of Saddle Fitters and Retail Partners. These dedicated people, Qualified in the fitting of our Specialist Saddles and accessories are also available to advise on and supply Neue Schule bits herunterladen.

Do not accept anyone else who claims to be qualified to fit our saddles, Accredited Fitter and Retail Partners undertake a long apprenticeship and are required to undertake ongoing learning in order to retain the required standard of fitting that our specialist saddles require wikipedia seiten herunterladen. As with anything related to horses saddle fitting is an ongoing learning process and we are all constantly evolving, sharing best practice and perfecting our products and the ways in which they are fitted as we experience more fitting challenges downloaden outlook gratis. All riders and their equines are of course unique.

Only the Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions Accredited Fitters and Retail Partners listed here are approved by us to fit and sell our products, Do not accept anyone else who claims to be qualified to fit them word neueste version herunterladen.

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Dean and Gini Woodward MSFC

International Saddle Designers, Qualified Saddle Fitters and Trainers

Dean is the designer of the saddles and Founder of both the original Saddle Exchange Ltd and Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions. Together with his wife Gini he also the trains the agents and Retail Partners and undertake most of the International Fitting and areas of the Uk where agents are still in training. We regularly travel to Europe and other parts of the world for clinics or personal fittings so please contact us directly for saddle fitting, lectures or fitting clinics anywhere we do not have an agent or retail partner. Please note all that ReactorPanel supply and fitting is done by Dean and Gini alone at present with the exception of Denmark ( Signe Graesbol, Sarah Tolstrup, Karin Wyrtz), The Republic of Ireland( Phil Richardson) Germany ( Helen Fenwick -Smith) Czech Republic (Veronika Kratochvilova) and Holland ( Herman Van De Bunt).

Kim Sleath

Accredited Specialist Saddle Fitter Nottinghamshire,Leicestershire & Derbyshire

Saddle Exchange Accredited Saddle Fitting Specialist for The Pony Saddle Co, Native Pony Saddle Co and Comfort Saddles covering Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & now Rutland, Kim is also an Advanced Dressage Rider, British Dressage Trainers Database and BHS qualified Instructor.

Veronika Kratochvilova- Saddle Fitter Czech Republic

Veronika is our contact and trainee Retail Partner for the Czech Republic, please contact her directly if you would like to try one of our saddles and she will be happy to co-ordinate our next visit.

Felicity Wilson

Jersey & Guernsey

Felicity is a Riding and Natural Horsemanship instructor, a Championship Show judge, Equine Touch and Flow with Instructor.

Visiting the Channel Islands regularly Felicity is Happy to co-ordinate for anyone wishing to organize a clinic, demonstration or a one to one visit.

Tasha Anderson


Tasha is our Northern Irish contact, contact her or her husband Neil to arrange a fitting when we are visiting Northern Ireland.

Carola Grauers

After being a customer of ours for many years,Carola Grauers Certified Practitioner and Instructor of Equine Touch ? and VHT (Vibro Muscular Harmonization Technique) is also our contact in Sweden. Feel free to contact her or ourselves directly for saddle fitting during our visits to Sweden.


Ratsastus- ja hevostarvikkeita myyva liike Tampereen ydinkeskustassa. Laaja valikoima uusia ja kaytettyja satuloita.

Sandie Bregnager Kjær and Healthy Horse. Co-ordinator on Sealand

Sealand Saddle Exchange Accredited Saddle Fitting Specialist for The Pony Saddle Co, Comfort and ReactorPanel® Saddles.

Signe Graesboll Christensen Saddle Fitting Agent for Mid Jutland

Jeg er specialiseret i at tilpasse baade Ponysadlerne, Comfort- og ReactorPanelsadlerne. Jeg huserer primaert i Jylland og paa Fyn, kommer dog ogsaa lejlighedsvis paa Sjaelland. Eftersom jeg er bosiddende i Malling syd for Aarhus, er Oestjylland selvsagt min hjemmebane.

Herman Van De Bunt & Country Mill Horse Support

Frens Van T'Zand and Country Mill Horse Support - Our Approved Retail Partner for the Neatherlands.

Helena Fenwick-Smith Approved Agent for Germany

Helena is our Approved Agent for Germany, in training at present , she Co-ordinates visits for us and our German customers, please contact her directly for more information or to arrange a saddle fit.

Katerina Urusova MSFC – Approved Retail Partner for Russia

An MSFC qualified Saddle fitter, Katerina and Saddleservice are our Retail Partner for Russia.... Click for more information.

Clare Gangadeen, Saddle Fitting Agent for Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire

Clare Gangadeen - Saddle Fitting Agent for Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire

Clare is our Accredited Saddle Fitter for Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, specialising in the fitting of both wider, flatter equines, Native Ponies, Arabians, Cobs, Warmbloods and high withered Sports Horses, Sports Ponies, and Friesians.

Penny Allen, Saddle Fitter for Cornwall

Penny is our Accredited Agent for Devon and Cornwall. You may have met her on the stand at Your Horse Live and the Exeter Equine Fayre.

Penny first started riding at age 3 riding other peoples ponies however, she has owned horses of her own for over 20 years. All her horses are home produced and she competes up to BE 100. Penny has 4 horses who are all conformationally different and who are all at different stages of their careers.... Read More ....

Liz Troman, Saddle Fitter for Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands

Based in South Shropshire, Liz is a fully qualified McTimoney animal practitioner, having undertaken a MSc course at McTimoney College of Chiropractic.

Having treated many horses over the years, who were showing signs of back pain or discomfort as a result of poorly fitted saddles, she decided to undertake further training to allow her to solve the underlying cause of the problems she was seeing. After struggling to find the right saddle for her own horse, Liz is very aware of the difficulties caused by the wrong saddle and also the huge benefits of finally getting it right... Read More.....

Karin Wyrtz Saddle Fitting Agent for Northern and Central Jutland

Karin is our accredited agent for Northern and Central Jutland and is also a well respected Physiotherapist for both horses and humans.

"I live on a farm in the northen part of Jutland with my husband and our 10 icelandic horses. I have been a physiotherapist since 2003 - I have worked both in clinic and with disabled riders.... More about Karin.....

Lise Krieger – New England Saddle Fit – Retail Partner for New England USA

Welcome to New England Saddlefit, our Retail Partners for new England and are now accredited for fitting  Comfort,Comfort Elite Saddle , the Native Pony Saddle Company and Pony Saddle Company . Please contact her directly if you would like to try one of our saddles.............Read more .....

Lucinda McAlpine – International Dressage Rider and Retail Partner for Australia

The first Grand Prix Dressage Rider to take the shoes and rugs off her horses, Lucinda  has become one of the country’s leading experts in Natural Horse Management. Now relocated to Australia we are proud to welcome her as our retail partner so please contact her directly if you would like to try our saddles.