Elite Endurance Bridle and Halter Combination

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The Ride n Tie, Endurance Bridle and Halter Combination is perfect for groundwork and then riding and tying! Inspired by our Natural Horsemanship friends… Please scroll down for full description…


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The Ride n Tie, Endurance Bridle and Halter Combination is perfect for groundwork and then riding and tying chip music free android! Inspired by our Natural Horsemanship friends.

The brow band unsnaps from the rope halter and the bit attachment comes with it. So simple and quick, too herunterladen! If you tie the lead rope around your horses neck you not only have a convenient “grab Strap” for those hairy moments but you also have a lead line if you need to dismount for any reason onedrive herunterladen funktioniert nicht.

The snaps are stainless, so they will never rust! The Hand Tied Rope Halter is made with a braided nose band, not only is it pretty but it’s functional as an attitude adjuster planetromeo app. It’ s very difficult for a horse to “Lean” on one of these halters, so very useful for those horses who like to take you Skiing! .

The 12 foot line is made of flexible yachting rope with a trigger clip on the end, it is also sweat, mildew, rot and UV resistant, made exclusively for us.  If you already have your own halter and line you can just buy the bit hanger which will save you £100 minecraft pocket edition download for free.

Accented with gorgeous Patterned Overlay of your choice on the brow, noseband, headpiece and cheek pieces. Softly padded,headpiece, browband and noseband for extra comfort and to avoid rubs,the bridle is ideal for Endurance riders at all levels, happy hackers or customer who compete at Trec hörspiel kostenlos download krimi.

The Ride n Tie comes with colour co ordinated, Bit hanger, halter and 12 foot rope. The Beta is soft and pliable giving the feel and appearance of soft, worn in leather but with none of the maintenance requirements herunterladen.

  • . Rinses clean easily
  • . Will not mold or mildew
  • Will not dry out or crack

For customers who prefer a more Traditional Halter please see our Endurance Bridle & Standard Halter Combinations and for those of you who prefer Bitless please see our S Hackamore and Bitless Conversion Options ifrs herunterladen.

Here’s a video where British Endurance Team member Karen Jones Talks about her Comfort Elite Bridle set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZMW0RfuHhg&list=TLbr67-FEkx5UUgxaw7qpTl5ab4c6uskSQ

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