How to Measure Your Horse for a Bridle

To order a bridle from us please do the following:

  • The easiest way to measure for your new bridle is to use an existing bridle as a guide
  • Remember to take into account any changes needed for the new bridle i.e adding or subtracting 1″ where needed
  • Take all measurements in inches
  • The aim is for the buckles of the cheekpieces, noseband and throatlash to line up with the corner of the horse’s eye
  • Please choose the closest larger length from the table below that matches your measurements

Please use the table below featuring our standard sizes to find the right measurement for each part of your bridle herunterladen. We can mix and match different sized parts to make your bridle if necessary (E.g. cob cheek pieces on a full-size bridle).

Please scroll down for the measuring guide………. win 10 games download for free.


Small Pony Pony Cob Full Extra Full
Headpiece – Split to Split  10” 11.5” 12.5” 13.5” 14”
Browband  12” 13.5” 15” 16” 17”
Throatlash  16” 17.5” 19.5” 21.5” 22”
Cheekpieces  7” 9” 10” 11” 11”
Noseband Circumference 23” 26” 28” 30” 32”
Noseband Cheek Hangers 6” 7.5” 8.5” 9.5” 10”

How to Measure Your Horse for a Bridle herunterladen.

Before you start measuring your horses head, we recommend using small stickers, pieces of tape, or chalk marks on your horse’s face at the listed Key Measurement Points to insure that you are measuring from the exact same spot each time you take a measurement herunterladen preis.

For postal orders please measure your horse for his or her new bridle as very few are a standard size.


Measure from the base of the ear over the poll to the bottom of the opposite ear, where the browband would sit, A to B herunterladen. This is your split to split measurement. To add a bradoon strap to you bridle, measure from the corner of your horse’s mouth, over the poll, to the other corner, from C to D. 

Cheeks Measurement

Measure from the corner of their mouth to the level of their eye, from D to A wiso tax elster file download. Cheek Pieces are normally measured from the bottom of a secured bit end closure to the end of the buckle. To get your final cheek measurement you will need to subtract the size of your bit rings herunterladen. For the bit ring size measure from the end of mouth piece to the outside edge of the ring.


bitcheeks small


Browband Measurement

Measure from E to F for the length of the browband playstation app download games. Loose enough to get two fingers under the measuring tape. Make sure you measure far enough back so that the browband will not pull the crown forward and pinch the base of the ears druckschrift kostenlos herunterladen. If you are measuring a current browband make sure to measure the inside length. bridle photo 2


Noseband Measurements

Measure the circumference of the nose approximately 2 fingers below the bottom of the cheek bones automatically pdf firefox. Loose enough to get two fingers under the measuring tape. From G around to G. This is your noseband circumference measurement. Now measure from the Noseband line to eye level, from G to A. This is your cheek hanger measurement.

bridle photo 3


Throatlash Measurement

Measure from E to F under the throat, loose enough to get four fingers under the tape. This is your Throatlash Measurement.

Throatlatch small

Please call the office for assistance or if  you are booking a saddle fit we can fit your bridle while we are with you.

                                                   Please just advise us in advance.


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One comment on “How to Measure Your Horse for a Bridle
  1. Marjo Strover says:

    Hi, Can you confirm what size bridle I would be going for if my horses measurements (as per your recommendations) are:

    A-B 54cm crown
    C-D 116cm crown corner to corner
    D-A 31cm cheek
    E-F 43cm browband
    G-G 61cm caveson nose
    G-A 20cm caveson cheek
    G-H 27cm caveson bridge
    E-F 61cm throat latch

    Bit is a loose ring snaffle or similar.

    Would this be a cob or thoroughbred?
    Many thanks for your time & input.
    Kind regards

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