Tell Me About Synthetic Endurance Tack?

Colours Available in Soft, Flexible Beta

Colours Available in Soft, Flexible Beta

Tell Me About Bioplastics kostenlos avgen? and its use in Synthetic Endurance Tack

Being well known for our top quality, hand made, English Leather Bridle Work which of course we still make minecraft ps4 mods herunterladen. In 2011 we branched into Bioplastics.

Why was that? Well being quite busy in the Endurance Market we noticed that there was a lack of choice when it came to eye catching, unusual, synthetic bridles and equipment that felt good, both to the rider and the horse hoe appen op samsung tv.

The search for this Ultimate Synthetic Tack product took us to the USA and with that The Comfort Endurance Range was born.

Soft, flexible, hardwearing Beta or Biothane herunterladen. Softly padded, high quality Endurance Bridles, breastplates and reins with innovative and functional designs based on input from our riders at every level including the current British Team and our manufacturers who have years of experience in producing the best quality synthetic tack video aus safari downloaden.

So here’s a bit more about Bioplastics from our Manufacturer and Friend, Amanda Taylor of Taylored Tack, USA.

GOLD SERIES is the classic genuine BioThane® coating herunterladen. The first ever BioThane® was manufactured in an Ohio basement in 1977. All gold series products are glossy in appearance and they feature excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility herunterladen. The gold series belting is coated exclusively with urethane. The gold series comes in both Translucent (Neon) and Opaque colors.

BETA® SERIES is the closest thing to leather in the equine marketplace battle royale kostenlos herunterladen. Since its inception in 1999, Beta® has steadily gained the trust of halter makers and tack makers alike. The main attribute is the soft-to-the-hand feel Beta® is equipped with herunterladen. The PVC coating has a classic leather grain emboss pattern on the surface making it difficult to tell Beta® from real leather.



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